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What’s the buzz about eLearning?

42% of Companies say that eLearning has led to an increase in revenue.

eLearning in employee training is no longer a thought of the future. Since 2000, eLearning has grown 900%. Implementing it is no longer a question of yes or no. It is now simply a question of “what can I get for my budget?” To help you answer this, I found an infographic by Expand Interactive, that provides you with all the details and information you need.

Starting off with probably the most important question: “why”. Why should you be implementing eLearning ? The infographic answers this question through various statistics of how it will benefit the employees and the company as a whole. Through eLearning you will witness growth in your company that may not have been possible through traditional training methods. This infographic shows how eLearning can transform your company. Want to join the revolution? Smart eLearning can create something to match your budget and can kick start that growth in ways you never thought possible. Get in contact for a no obligation chat! 

We have partnered with the largest brands and businesses to deliver a product that is on brand, within budget, and drives measurable results. We have delivered eLearning, mLearning and blended learning solutions across sectors that map to over 20 different verticals. But no matter the size of the task, our goal is always the same –  to continue our passion of providing a totally immersive learning experience using a blend of proven methodologies and UI/UX principles. We believe learning is the key to innovation, and therefore crucial to the continuing success of any organisation.

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We use the latest and most innovative technologies to design and craft a totally immersive learning experience.

Our experienced instructional designers and media developers create action-orientated learning with the WOW factor that empowers learners to make decisions, discover their role through real-to-life scenarios and inspire them to drive their own growth and success organically.

For the organisation – this translates into direct improvements to productivity and quality, and a measurable reduction of cost and time involved compared to existing workforce training methods

  • Advanced design process rooted in proven pedagogic approaches
  • Highly creative and innovative team of instructional designers and media specialists
  • Experts in the use of gamification and social learning to increase engagement
  • Extensive induction, compliance and skills training experience and capability

What’s not to love?