Inspired eLearning solutions to drive workplace performance

These are some of the courses that have been requested by our clients. Each client had a specific brief and design to which we created their modules.

We can create curriculums based on  your own style guide, or our expert UX designers can custom design to fit your budget.

Smart eLearning courses present complex technical processes using the latest in multimedia and instructional design.
This results in delivery of engaging content that resonates with the visual learning styles of today’s modern workforce.

The UK is suffering from a chronic skills shortage which is holding companies, and the economy, back. Providing training can help you tailor your staff’s skill sets and ensure you have access to the skills you need to help your company thrive and grow.

mLearning, eLearning, eTraining, Web-based training…

Whichever term you use, the goal is always the same – Skills development steeped in sound instructional design methodology to drive real results.

Many people were sceptical of e-Learning when it was first introduced, but in recent years, as technology has advanced, e-courses have become increasingly well-designed and interactive, making them more engaging for users.
Benefits at a glance:
• Cost effective – No printed materials or physical assets helps reduce the cost of training.
• Time effective – There’s no travelling to and from sessions and staff can access the materials 24/7.
• Flexibility – Staff can work through modules at their own time and pace, without pressure to keep up with their colleagues.
• Easy to track progress – As everything is stored digitally it is easy to monitor learners’ progress and development.

We design learning solutions for various industries to address the needs of organisations and their learners all over the globe.

Our streamlined and learner-centric process helps us respond to changing technologies and industry demands of computer-based learning initiatives in a multi-cultural and multi-deployment setting

We incorporate performance support, job aids, modules, to create solutions that help develop a competent workforce.
Using a range of rich media and interactions, each course delivers an easy to follow, visually engaging experience. Frequent Knowledge Checks, Scenarios, and Final Exams to confirm and reinforce what the user has learnt.

We are proud and recognised members of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition.

Digital skills

We are dedicated to improving the standard of digital solutions to benefit career progression and skills development worldwide.

The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition is a multi-stakeholder partnership involving the Member States, companies, social partners, NGOs and educational establishments – to help meet the high demand for digital skills in Europe which are essential in today’s digital society and economy. We are delighted to have endorsed the objectives and principles of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Charter and we have agreed to make a contribution to boost digital skills in Europe.

We partner with the largest brands to deliver a product that is on brand, within budget, and drives measurable results.

We deliver eLearning, mLearning and blended learning solutions across sectors that map over 20 different verticals.
But no matter the size of the task, our goal is always the same – to continue our passion for providing an immersive learning experience using a blend of proven instructional design methodologies and UX principles.
We believe learning is the key to innovation, and therefore key to the continuing success of any organisation.

Our experienced instructional designers and media developers create solutions to inspire learners to make decisions and inspire them to drive their own growth and success organically.
For the organisation – this translates into direct improvements to productivity and quality, and a measurable reduction of cost and time compared to existing employee training methods.

Advanced design process rooted in proven pedagogic approaches
Multi-language, translation and localisation
Creative and innovative team of instructional designers
Experts in gamification and social learning
Extensive multi-vertical experience and capability
Friendly after-sales support
Multi-time zone support
Multiple billing methods to match your budget

Just some of the places you can find us….

Smart eLearning membership

Smart eLearning membership

Smart eLearning membership

Smart eLearning membership