Smart eLearning can transform your existing content into a high-impact, cost-effective, multilingual solution. 

We only employ highly-skilled linguists who have extensive experience and a sound understanding of the content they are dealing with.

No matter what kind of project – eLearning, training, corporate video, voice overs, graphics and pack shots – we rely on an extensive and dedicated team of experienced translators and project managers, and are able to manage translation projects of any size with a speedy turnaround and competitive pricing

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100% Human Translation

We understand that each document is different and therefore all should be approached from a unique angle. Here at Smart eLearning, we take every possible step to ensure that the translation is accurate and localised.

Our specialist team deal with both casual and formal language.

They will preserve the tone of the original document to ensure your message remains the same, wherever in the world it is read.

We can translate any language. Currently our most popular languages are:
















Translation should be simple, but finding high-quality, fast service is challenging.

Smart eLearning has four options to solve this problem:

  1. Text only: We deliver text translations of your content or document in 1-3 days at $0.15 per word across all available languages. Translations are returned to you in the same file format in which you submitted them.     Smart eLearning
  2. Combination: We provide text and graphical translation for documents and presentations in 3-5 days at $30 per slide or page. The delivered files include translations in your chosen slide format, in one file per language.   Smart eLearning
  3. Subtitling: We pride ourselves in delivering the best quality subtitling services and offer them in over 80 languages for a wide variety of content: from corporate presentations to promotional videos via animations and short films, in the fields of finance, health and safety, staff training, recruitment, education, social media, etc.
    Our subtitlers are very experienced, native speakers of their languages and use professional software. They understand the time and space constraints specific to subtitling and are able to translate the meaning whilst respecting the style. Get in touch for a personalised quote.
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  4. Quality Assurance: Already have translated content and unsure of it’s accuracy? We can proofread and make revisions for quality standards from just $50

Smart eLearning

Over 97% of our customers would highly recommend our language translation services to others!

Smart eLearning’s professional translation services enable world-leading brands to increase international market share and effectively engage their customers in local markets worldwide.

Based on 2016 customer satisfaction survey

We offer translations and interpreting services to clients based in the United Kingdom as well as businesses operating internationally. We pride ourselves not only in the quality and accuracy of our work, but also in providing excellent customer care and the diversity of our customers. Our translation services have been trusted equally by some of the world’s largest organisations as well as local businesses. The professional approach we follow means that each of our clients is met with accuracy in all of the language services we offer, regardless the size of their project. We guarantee fast turnaround times without compromising on quality – the language translation services we offer are always fast, accurate and professional, without exceptions.

Our professional approach to translation services has allowed us to become a top provider in the UK. Having the opportunity to work with some of the world’s largest and leading brands, which trusted us and our expertise, allowed us to improve our services and customer care from the moment you visit our website, through the translation process itself and to making sure everything is just perfect even after we deliver your documents. Such approach to our job means that we work only with the most talented and experienced translators and account managers who have a first-hand knowledge not only in language translation, but also in their given business fields. Our professional linguists are native speakers and registered with official bodies such as the ITI or the Chartered Institute of linguists. By doing this, we certify that every document, sentence and word that we work on is translated and localised to fully reflect its original meaning.

The high standards of language services we offer is possible due to an extensive network of hundreds of expert translators & interpreters, who specialise in translating to and from over 200 languages. As a leading translation agency based in Norfolk and London UK, we are able to work only with the most talented and experienced professional translators who understand and share our core values – Professionalism, Accuracy and Reliability. Our head office is located in the UK, however we are also present in 22 countries around the world. Smart eLearning are proud to say that some of the largest and most recognisable brands in the world have trusted our expertise, join them today!