Pharmaceutical eLearning

How can Pharmaceutical eLearning revolutionise the patient experience? How can pharmaceutical eLearning empower the global workforce? How can Pharmaceutical eLearning save money?Pharmaceutical eLearning

The success of any business operating in the Pharmaceutical sector relies upon your people adhering to strict guidelines, liaising appropriately with all departments to find synchronicity, and providing products and services in a way that gives you a competitive edge. But keeping in mind the turbulent economic times, the industry also needs to reduce and carefully manage budgets.  Pharmaceutical eLearning from Smart eLearning can solve this issue!

No other industry experiences the levels of organisational change as the pharmaceutical industry.  Pharmaceutical organisations are developing and manufacturing life-changing products in this ever-changing environment. New organisations, affiliations, and activities are ceaselessly being conceived. A competitive organisation must place a huge focus on the use of innovative ways to train its workforce to ensure its employees are competitive, knowledgeable, and keen to take the organisation forward. The right training can make all the difference. Here at Smart eLearning, we’ve been working with brands like Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, Bayer, and Astellas to deliver learner-centric solutions to empower their workforce with the skills to succeed. Online training’s competitive edge over classroom training can’t be ignored by the Pharmaceutical Industry, and here’s why:

  1. A Uniform, Global Reach
    Classroom training is not only an expensive affair but with different trainers training different regions, there is a wide disparity in what is taught, how it is taught and the message that is passed on to the learner. Online training delivers employee development programs to a global audience while keeping in mind the business norms, customs and local languages of each region.
  2. Blended Learning
    A blended learning approach that combines instructor-led training with online  Pharmaceutical eLearning and creates a very significant long-term impact. A 2011 European survey shows that 76% of companies who used online training viewed blended learning as the most popular approach to training while over 40% of these companies intensified their use of this approach the following year. Last year, 29.1% of training hours were delivered with blended learning methods – a 0.8% increase from the previous year. Blended learning reduces the dependency on trainers and agencies, giving organisations more control over their training programs.
  3. Customised Courses
    Pharmaceutical organisations can customise their employee development programs before pushing out Pharmaceutical eLearning via an online learning platform. Integrating individual development needs with long-term, system-wide pharmaceutical practices is a critical piece of organisational development. A customised Pharmaceutical eLearning program allows an employee this luxury as well as helps him develop leadership strategies, competencies and a culture that is needed to meet a Pharmaceutical company’s specific challenges while keeping the organisation’s business realities in mind.
  4. Business Simulations and Experiential Learning
    Our Pharmaceutical eLearning paves way for business simulations and experiential learning that work well across different learning styles and geographical and cultural boundaries. Experiential learning allows a trainee to step out of his everyday role and gain exposure to his positional role by giving him a chance to make decisions in a risk-free environment, execute the best practices used by the Pharmaceutical Industry and experience critical interdependencies. More Pharmaceutical companies are using business simulations to help learners build strategic alignment and execution capabilities when faced with complex challenges and change that is a part and parcel of this industry.


Let’s look at the figures pertaining to the pharmaceutical industry:

  • Average annual cost of employing sales rep: $160,000 (salary and overhead)
  • Number of reps employed by pharmaceutical companies in U.S.: 65,000
  • Cost to pharmaceutical companies to employ reps: $12 billion
  • Amount currently spent on training reps: $1 billion
  • Amount of that figure spent on actual content/knowledge costs: $150 million
  • Amount of that figure spent on travel: $850 million.
    (Source: Merck Capital Ventures)



Achieve Operational Excellence With Smart eLearning

Smart eLearning’s Pharmaceutical eLearning present complex technical processes using the latest in multimedia and instructional design. We provide simulations to familiarise your staff with the systems they use without impacting production metrics.
This results in delivery of engaging content that resonates with the visual learning styles of today’s modern workforce.

Our streamlined and learner-centric process helps us respond to changing technologies and industry demands of computer-based learning initiatives in a multi-cultural and multi-deployment setting

We incorporate performance support, job aids, modules, to create solutions that help develop a competent workforce.
Using a range of rich media and interactions, each course delivers an easy to follow, visually engaging experience. Frequent Knowledge Checks, Scenarios, and Final Exams to confirm and reinforce what the user has learnt.

 Pharmaceutical eLearning Conclusion

The pharmaceutical industry is a dynamic and ever-changing sector – expanding into emerging markets, constantly developing new technologies, products and research.  Pharmaceutical eLearning is set to be at the forefront of future training within the industry.

Compliance with regulatory requirements is essential for success in this heavily regulated sector. eLearning enables pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry staff and healthcare professionals to meet the demands placed on them by a vast range of legal statutes, regulatory guidelines, and industrial or professional codes of practice.

The right training will promote exemplary performance-driven results through innovation. Today, the Pharmaceutical Industry is in dire need of training that combines creativity, innovation and skilling of employees and leaders to meet tough global standards. Pharmaceutical companies that make use of online training’s competitive edge will always have a workforce that is not only ready face today, but to take on tomorrow’s challenges as well. Want to see what Smart eLearning can do for you? Get your instant quote!