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Smart eLearning are providing custom eLearning solutions to help organisations succeed. Everything from skills development through soft-skills, to multicultural, translated, global curriculums to immerse your ENTIRE workforce. Our clients are succeeding, and it’s costing a lot less than they thought. eLearning doesn’t have to be expensive to be successful – In fact embellishing content rarely translates into improved knowledge retention. You need deLearning that works AND looks good. You need Smart eLearning. Most training solution companies will claim expertise in the design and delivery of blended learning but few can validate this claim by example. We never expect our clients to have to knock on one door for, say, bespoke and custom eLearning development and another for workshop delivery.

Smart eLearning is owned and run by learning and development professionals, not ‘techies’. We’ve all been trainers of Blended Learning, often via Virtual Instructor-Led curriculums (vILT).

As such, our comfort with blended learning is partly because we never allow ourselves to get caught up in the technology when designing a solution. And we never forget that the sound theories of instructional design still apply and underpin all effective solutions.

Whilst our core business is bespoke e-learning development, we also offer a wide range of off-the-shelf Ready to Go e-learning, workshops and other generic learning resources.
We have solutions for the following:

Complex content

Customer service training

Diagnostic assessments

Equality and diversity training

Fraud prevention and security

Health and safety training

Health and social care

IT and systems training

Large-scale projects

Management skills training

Onboarding and induction training

Product knowledge training

Safeguarding training

Technical skills training

We can help you with all the major authoring tools

We know a lot about authoring tools and how to make the most of them. When you want to build your own eLearning, we can help you get there.

Let us help you with choosing, learning and getting the most out of a rapid eLearning authoring tool. We build content and resell a variety of authoring tools. We also provide training, support and consultancy.

We can help you select the authoring tools that meet your skills, budget and needs. We can also build templates and content to give your in-house development an extra boost. Get in touch, we’re happy to talk tools with you
Smart eLearning: Driving Change Through Positive Learning Experiences

Smart eLearning understands that the modern learner wants accessible learning that is inspiring, relevant and fun. Learners need to have the freedom to experience and experiment, problem solve and practice applying their new skills. Our learning is always learner-centric, which enables them to learn what they need, when they need to.

Smart eLearning also understand that employers need their team members to be promoters of company procedures, compliant with the law, actively improve their performance levels and contribute to business goals.

Tremendous benefits result from elearning—chief among them improving employee performance and productivity, aligning expertise with business objectives and providing consistent and scalable training to a dispersed workforce.