The BPO and Contact Centre industry face many challenges when it comes to training, such as high staff turnover, ever-changing compliance, legislation, and a customer-centric focus.

So how do you train every member of staff to the same high standard so that customers and clients receive a consistently great experience every time?

Smart eLearning has the answer! Contact centre staff need to be empowered with a broad range of skills such as customer service, time management, systems training and even manual handling. With so many areas to cover it is hard to find the time to train these large numbers but with a custom eLearning solution, you can reduce costs and tune it to your business needs.

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eLearning in BPO and Contact Centre Industries

The success of any business operating in the contact or call centre sector relies upon your people providing services in a way that gives you a competitive edge. But keeping in mind the turbulent economic times, the industry also needs to reduce and carefully manage budgets.
Contact centres differ widely depending on the industry they serve, but they all share one common feature: agents must be well-versed in the company’s products and services to provide superior service to its customers.

Facing realities, we have to consider the fact that contact centres experience the highest levels of skill shortages and staff turnover. By investing in developing skills and knowledge of employees, companies enhance the quality of their products and services, as well as customer satisfaction.

eLearning provides businesses with a flexible training programme which allows you to customise your training needs and schedule it in wherever possible. Courses can be taken from any online mobile device and can be paused, and resumed whenever necessary.

This format allows your business and your staff to regain control of valuable time. Through eLearning, staff can develop a variety of skills and knowledge so you can trust that they are fully prepared and qualified to deal with daily tasks.

Through eLearning, staff can develop a variety of skills and knowledge so you can trust that they are fully prepared and qualified to deal with daily tasks.

Training is no longer a chore, it is an experience. With interactive course content, gamification and rich scenarios, learning is fun.

The costs associated with eLearning can save businesses up to 60% of training costs.  

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Achieve Operational Excellence With Smart eLearning

Smart eLearning courses present complex technical processes using the latest in multimedia and instructional design. We provide simulations to familiarise your staff with the systems they use without impacting production metrics.
This results in delivery of engaging content that resonates with the visual learning styles of today’s modern workforce.

Our streamlined and learner-centric process helps us respond to changing technologies and industry demands of computer-based learning initiatives in a multi-cultural and multi-deployment setting

We incorporate performance support, job aids, modules, to create solutions that help develop a competent workforce.
Using a range of rich media and interactions, each course delivers an easy to follow, visually engaging experience. Frequent Knowledge Checks, Scenarios, and Final Exams to confirm and reinforce what the user has learnt.

We’ve helped organisations empower their learners in the following areas:

  • Compliance
  • World-Class Customer Service
  • Sales
  • Tech Support
  • Ergonomics
  • Systems Training
  • Contact Centre Fundamentals
  • Talent Management
  • Training
  • Process Improvement
  • Leadership and Management

Challenges of 'Traditional' Training Methods

In current times, in the contact centre and BPO world, there are several problems and issues related to learning in the traditional way. By a ‘traditional way’, we mean attending a live class, or training workshop, or information seminar, where the expert teacher or instructor teaches a group of learners on the subject matter.
The problems and issues include the following:

  • Not all employees can be spared for such training at the same time. (e.g. Imagine an oil refinery where everybody has to be trained, can it afford to send people, even in batches for a traditional classroom course?)
  • Costs of travel and stay, if learners are coming from different locations to study.
  • Different employees may have different levels of grasping, hence even after undergoing the same course, each learner’s level of understanding will be different.
  • Pressure on the Instructor to complete the course in shortest possible time (Imagine yourself as being the Ops Manager of a busy call centre,  how many hours will you spare your employees for training?)
  • No scope for learners to revise the course concepts or re-take the course again and again unless the company has a policy of regular refresher training. However, typically this is done only for essential training like mandatory safety training, compliance, etc.
  • Learning is a continuous process, but instructor-led training makes it a one-shot event.

How does eLearning Solve these Challenges?

All over the world businesses, big or small, local or global are turning to eLearning as a means of imparting effective learning. The advantages of eLearning are:

  • No need to spare all employees at the same time. The employee can choose time and place of learning.
  • It can be self-paced and if need be can be run again and again till employee is confidently well versed in the subject.
  • No time constraints. Learning can be in bite-sized chunks or all at once totally as per the learner’s need rather than the instructor’s comfort.
  • A large number of courses can be managed through suitable LMS (Learning Management Systems) by a very small number of training administrators. The LMS can also document and log number of courses taken, test scores, time taken, etc for each learner which can provide intelligent data for developing your employee’s skills.
  • It results in measurable learning. Due to score tracking, progress tracking and time tracking, the performance of each employee undergoing the training becomes measurable. In earlier days with traditional training, this was typically not done.
  • Flexible course deployment—either through stand-alone CD-ROMs, the Internet or a company-wide Intranet. Hence no travel and stay expenses, which can be a substantial cost today.