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We transformed Crafco’s well used workshop-based training into a comprehensive and multi-language curriculum which was rolled out to their entire workforce.

The curriculum incorporated:

We created a step by step tutorial for using the following tools:

Crack Sealant Melter/Applicator (E-Z Series II, Super Shot, E-Z Pour, Mini Melter)
Mastic Sealant Melter (Patcher I, Patcher II)
Spray Injection Patcher (Airstream, Magnum)
Sealcoater (Super SEALCOATER)
Pavement Router (Model 30 Routers – Self-Propelled, Dust-Control, Self-Propelled with Dust Control)
Debris Removal/Crack Preparation (Crack-Vac, Hot Air Lance)

Nowadays, one of the key prerequisites for staying competitive in many business fields is efficient knowledge management in an organisation. In particular, efficiency and integration of knowledge transfer activities into day-to-day organisational business processes is being of the primary importance.
As recent research suggests only learning that is fully integrated with workers’ current business activities can lead to improvements in productivity and process optimisation.
Consequently, such integrative approach to learning at workplace reduces workers training costs.