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Royal College of GPs

Royal College of General Practitioners

General compliance, onboarding, and up-training for health care eLearning curriculum

Business Need: Streamlining and Improving health care eLearning accessibility

The Royal college of GPs is the professional membership body and guardian of standards for health and family doctors in the UK, working to promote excellence in primary health care. RCGP work to improve GP education and training, defining standards through the GP Curriculum and upholding them through the MRCGP membership exam. RCGP also provide continued support, with a comprehensive range of courses, events, and resources to help GPs keep their knowledge and skills up to date.

Our Solution: We partnered with RCGP to create a curriculum rich in case studies, scenarios, learning activities, and educational resources to assist GPs in their role.  The curriculum partially existed but needed re-designing and updating to reflect new trends in healthcare, and the delivery of self-health supporting products.We delivered this curriculum in a mobile compliant format, so it could be easily accessible on the road. We:

  • Designed and deployed the full curriculum in mobile compliant format
  • Transformed existing workshop materials into an innovative online eLearning solution
  • Consulted with fellows in the relevant medical field to update and transform content into a more learner-centric solution

We created curriculums  in the Clinical Category, incorporating topic such as:

The Results:

All curriculums and exams were rolled out successfully and before the deadline, reducing overall training time by 60% compared to the previous solution.