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Off-the-Shelf or Custom eLearning Solutions? What Is Right for Your Organisation?

Do we opt for off-the-shelf learning programs or custom eLearning solutions? This is a question that training departments in many organisations are frequently encountering.

Consider the following scenario. As a training manager, you have the responsibility of rolling out an eLearning program for employees on ethics and code of conduct. Would you opt for an off-the-shelf course?

The answer would be no, for the simple reason that ethics and code of conduct training is a way to make your employees aware of your organisation’s key values, vision, and strategy. This would be possible only through a custom eLearning solution. Read on to know more about how organisations can benefit from custom eLearning solutions.

Provides a Personalised Training Pathway

One of the biggest benefits of a custom eLearning solution is personalisation. An organisation has multiple departments with different job roles and functions. A training that is required by one department to perform their job effectively may not be essential for another.

Customised eLearning solutions provide content, activities, assessments, and goals that are tailored to meet the training requirements of an organisation, department, tea or an individual.

For a distributed global workforce, custom eLearning solutions create opportunity for training that is in line with cultural norms.

Aligns Training Objectives with the Organisation’s Goals

For a business to benefit from online training, it is essential to blend training objectives with organisational goals. Your organisation’s brand identity needs to be reflected in the online program. This is impossible when you buy an off-the-shelf program. Custom e-learning allows organisations to deliver training that is relevant to the business and addresses the business’ unique needs.

Improves Learning Effectiveness

When you get a custom eLearning solution, all the scenarios, simulations and examples included in the training can be inspired by real life situations in your workplace. This means learners can apply what they have learnt to improve productivity at the workplace. Also, the fact that they are able to gain skills and address challenges relevant to their workplace is motivation enough to go through the training. This leads to increased knowledge retention and improved training ROI.

Offers Flexible Budget

Organisations on a budget find off-the-shelf courses appealing as there is a misconception that custom eLearning solutions cost more. But the truth is, custom eLearning solutions can make the most of a limited training budget. A good eLearning partner can work with you to get training customised to your requirements, even when you are on a budget. Even with limited resources and a shoestring budget, organisations can get part of the online training customised to suit their requirements.

Optimises Content

When you purchase online courses off-the-shelf you may have to deal with content that may not be relevant. If you have to spend time skimming the course to find content that is applicable to your organisation, then it is not an efficient use of time. With a custom eLearning solution, training can be streamlined with content that is applicable to your intended audience. Any additions or updates to existing content can be made quickly. This undoubtedly improves the quality of training.

When you need to offer comprehensive training to learners with varying proficiency levels, a custom eLearning solution is the way to go. How has custom eLearning transformed your organisation?