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Let’s Talk Custom eLearning…

So why should you consider custom eLearning?  Learning is learning… right? Absolutely not!

The message is clear for any business that wishes to capture the attention and engagement from their employees and linger longer in their memory – there really has never been a more important time to make eLearning more personal!

At Smart eLearning, we believe that effective eLearning is all about your audience – it must be highly relevant with focused & engaging content, and it must be accessible anywhere/anytime.

Creating effective eLearning requires a diverse and experienced team. Creative ideas combined with Instructional Design, Learning Psychology, and of course the technical savvy to make it all happen.

No matter how many employees you have on the payroll or what your specific training needs may be, custom eLearning development offers a wide range of benefits. One of the most notable advantages of opting for custom eLearning over pre-made eLearning courses is a measurable boost in employee performance. Custom eLearning

Check out this article by British Airways. it says:

“When it comes to business communications, a little personalisation can also go a long way. The psychologist Randy Garner found that he could double the number of people willing to complete surveys he sent to them simply by accompanying his request with a short message handwritten on a Post-it note. The theme here is clear. If you want that report, sales brochure, proposal or budget request to get the attention it deserves, find a way of personalising it to the intended recipient. This is why Custom eLearning is so powerful.

In recent studies led by Kai Kaspar from the University of Cologne and published in the journal Applied Cognitive Psychology demonstrate that personalisation can be effective for two reasons. Not only do personalisation, such as the aforementioned handwritten letter, attract more attention than impersonal ones. They actually remain in our memory for longer, too!

Here are some reasons why custom eLearning should be on the top of your considerations.

Custom eLearning focuses on key skill sets and subject matter.
Rather than using a pre-built online course that covers a wide range of skills and topics, you can develop custom eLearning that caters to the specific needs of your learners. For example, if your associates need to learn basic customer service skills, you can tailor rich scenarios to immerse them in the experience of dealing with a real customer and integrate company-specific procedures and processes. This gives your employees the chance to gather the information they need and master the tools they will be using on a daily basis.

Custom eLearning gives employees access to information when and where they need it.
With custom eLearning development, training no longer has to take place during set hours or in a specific location. Performance development can happen whenever and wherever the employees need it, even on-the-go.

Custom eLearning links real-world benefits and applications.
To offer your learners real value, your development program must definitely tie into real-life situations. Create custom eLearning courses to teach them how to apply the knowledge they have learned that they can re-visit time and time again. Custom eLearning courses give you the ability to check all of these boxes, so that your employees can immediately see why they should take the online course and how the knowledge will be useful to them on-the-job.

Custom eLearning improves knowledge retention and information recall.
Developing custom eLearning courses also leads to improved knowledge retention, thanks to the fact that corporate learners are more likely to remember emotionally-centered training experiences which they find relevant and relatable.  Instead of asking every employee to participate in a “one size fits all” course, you can develop custom eLearning courses that offer them key pieces of information they will need while performing their work duties.

Custom eLearning allows for full brand integration
Custom eLearning is usually created to include branding, which creates an even deeper connection with your corporate learners and makes them aware of the company’s expectations. In most cases, your employees are the “face” of the organisation.

Custom eLearning reduces training time.
Custom eLearning development provides you with the opportunity to create online training courses that can be completed in a fraction of the time, while still improving employee performance. This is due to the fact that employees no longer have to sit through eLearning courses that contain an abundance of unnecessary information, as it is often the case with pre-built online courses. Your eLearning content can be customised to include only what they need to know, based upon their particular learning needs and the desired results.


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