company leadership skills

Tools of the trade

Our own company leadership skills

If you are a manager of any company, anywhere, you know quite well the benefits of developing company leadership skills. In our own company, we’ve developed a team that is proficient in using our own tools of the trade. The training they receive, to do their own work, has turned each team member into a more valuable piece of the puzzle.

Our company leadership skills work well using our own specific tools of the trade

  1. Articulate Storyline 2 (eLearning Development)
  2. Trivantis Lectora Inspire (eLearning Development)
  3. Adobe Captivate (eLearning Development)
  4. Microsoft Word (Instructor-Led Training, Training Guide, Companion Files, Course Overview)
  5. Adobe Acrobat (PDF Creation, to protect most content from Word, interactive documents)
  6. Microsoft PowerPoint (Presentations, Storyboards)
  7. Adobe Photoshop / Adobe illustrator (Graphic Design)
  8. Audacity (Audio Production)
  9. Microsoft Excel (Translation Tools, Sales Tools)