Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Institute

On-boarding and up-training eLearning curriculum

Business Need: Transforming workshop based training into a world-wide accessible eLearning solution.

Our Solution: We partnered with Johnson and Johnson to design, develop and deploy a range of curriculums for their  Vision Care Institute. The institute is a unique facility offering education and training for Eye Care Professionals. Dedicated to promoting learning, debate, and best practice standards, the institute provides the opportunity to enjoy collaborative, peer-to-peer learning in an engaging and welcoming environment.

Extraordinary ROI, not just annual cost savings, but adding value

Perfect alignment to corporate strategy and company values through systematic consultation for every programme

Board-level trust eLearning is now the first point of communication for important strategic changes, and every course is consultant-led by a recognised eyecare professional.

Values Behind the Strategy:
Johnson & Johnson re-enforce their ethos through the following values:

State of the Art Facilities– Offering access to the best equipped and designed facilities
‘Patient First’ Approach’– Giving their employees the best tools to drive the ‘patient first’ approach

Continuous Learning– listening to what learner’s want, 24/7 support and inspiring them to control their journey to excellence.

The transformation programme has seen Johnson & Johnson deploy the same training in many languages worldwide to ensure continuity of their message, vast cost savings from the reduction of country – specific workshops, and overcome logistical barriers in regions where accessibility was problematic. This project resulted in us obtaining a further 6 contracts within their other lines of business.


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